About Us

Meet Kimberly Hollingsworth


GA License #007360

Kimberly's passion is to never stop learning about the body, and using that knowledge to help others heal. She was born in Georgia, raised in South Carolina, and attended the Southeastern New Muscular Institution in Charlotte, North Carolina, in 2009.

She has had experience working in high-end spas, medical spas, and with assisting chiropractors.

Kimmy is passionate about health and exercise. She has competed as a body builder in the past, and is currently training in the hopes of qualifying for American Ninja Warrior.

Her interests lie in Eastern massage techniques, and in 2017 she traveled to Thailand to complete an intensive training in Thai Massage.

She is qualified in a wide array of therapies for stress and pain relief, such as manual lymphatic drainage with the use of acupressure and essential oils, facial massage, hot stones, cupping therapy, gua sha, prenatal massage, pain releasers, deep tissue (NMT) and taut band therapy, as well as body treatments and cold stone facials.


Meet Casey Perez


GA License #MT009979

Casey grew up in the Appalachian basin of upstate New York, where she developed a love for the power and majesty of nature. Her father, a historian and restaurateur, her grandmother, an artist, as well as her grandfather and husband who are both Veterans have been influential in her life and encouraged her to pursue a career in massage.

Before she found her way into the world of bodywork, Casey joined the military in hopes of pursing an education afterwards. She was stationed in Germany and after a deployment to Iraq she met her husband. They have been blessed with two children, and the following years brought two more deployments and a shoulder replacement for her young husband. During his recovery, Casey found that she wanted to have a better understanding of anatomy and also found that she wanted to help other veterans. She found that she was curious about the power of human touch and a desire to understand PTSD on the body and to help those who suffer from it. It was this that brought her to Virginia College's Massage Therapy program in 2014.

Working at spas and in a chiropractor's office has given Casey had the privilege of helping people with problems such as scoliosis, sciatica, frozen shoulder syndrome, tendinitis, carpal tunnel, planter fasciitis, various joint replacements, migraines, fibromyalgia, sports strains, insomnia, stress and much more. She likens herself to a detective for the muscular system and acknowledges that an initial assessment might point to one issue, but working on the tissue might reveal something different. Emotions and memories can be held in the body and not just the mind and daily life effects muscles and where we hold tension. Casey considers all of these factors and loves to work with clients who have multiple issues. She is fascinated by the process of unwinding chains of muscles and connective tissue to help anyone who has been in pain. She believes preventative massage is important and that it should not only be a luxury but an essential part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle!


Meet Chelsea


GA License  #012378

Chelsea has been in the Savannah area for most of her life. She decided to further her education in 2018 in Therapeutic Massage at Virginia College in Savannah, where she found her true calling and her love for holistic wellness. While in college, Chelsea quickly learned that holistic wellness was her calling and is dedicated to her clients and providing them with services customized to their health and needs. Chelsea has two children who are both very active in sports and recreational activities and loves watching them grow and helping them with their wellness journeys.

Now, as a part of Wellness Therapy Massage and a member of our team, she is incredibly eager to put her skill to use and help her clients become the best and most healthy version of themselves. Chelsea specializes in Swedish Massage as well as Deep Tissue Massage.


Meet Taylor Jamerson


Taylor, a Savannah native, is a master cosmetologist and earned her license from Savannah Technical College in 2013. She started working in salons and discovered she wasn't being fulfilled by just hair and found her niche, skin care. She fell in love. Taylor absolutely loves working in the spa atmosphere. She has loved being in skincare for over three years now and recently has discovered a new love, waxing. Taylor's dream is to open up a day spa or beauty center to become a skincare and waxing educator. She would love to be able to travel the world sharing her passion for her craft with everyone. She is looking to further her career and skills by going into medical esthetics, which was her first dream job. Taylor enjoys working with her hands on do-it-yourself projects, loves online shopping and being outside at the park! A fun fact about her is that she is obsessed with Halloween! 


Meet Elaine Mcdonald

ES #007689

Her passion for skin care started when she was a medical assistant working for a dermatologist. She has since attended aesthetic school in Florida at the Aveda Institute and moved to Georgia where she has her current license, she also holds a laser license from the Georgia composite medical board and has many advanced certifications. 

If you ask any of her three children they will tell you she is a girly girl who loves learning about skin, music, cooking, and any opportunity to get dressed up.


Meet Monique Cox


GA license # 80175

Monique has a passion about health and wellness. She believes that as a healthcare professional she has the duty to educate the general public about healthy living, and improving quality of life. Some things she values highly in life are achieving optimal health, happiness, and improving the lives of other people around her. 

Monique grew up in Texas but her  family moved  to the US from Trinidad and Tobago. 

Her Hobbies include running local 5K‘s, weightlifting, traveling, and lounging with her dog. 

She graduated from the Academy of Massage Therapy training in San Antonio, Texas. She is a licensed massage therapist in the state of Florida and Georgia and she has a Bachelors in Kinesiology from the University of North Texas. She is currently pursuing her doctorate of physical therapy from the University of Saint Augustine in Florida.