Robert M. Burtsell

"Casey was great!

She really listened to my issues and made them disappear.

My only regret is that I only booked an hour."


Ida Chance

"Casey is awesome and so professional.

She really knows how to relax and ease away any tension you may have.

She is so super."

Judy Williams

Casey is very talented, and I have had LOTS of massages over the years.

I also have many issues (scoliosis, many surgeries, etc.) and she has been wonderful dealing with my specific requests. I am so glad to recommend her!"

Susan P.

 Service received: Swedish Massage

"Excellent Massage!"

Renee S.

Service received: Deep Tissue Massage

"Kimberly has great knowledge of the human body and has the skill to manipulate and massage it. She does really good work."

Patricia S.

Service received: Swedish Massage 

"Being new to the area Kimberly made me feel right at home. Took care of everything I asked and gave me ideas to help at home."

Jeff H.

Service received: Thai Massage

"I liked everything about it. It was soothing and the experience was great being my first time ever doing it. Kimberly was awesome and very professional."